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Congresswoman, Maxine Waters 

Gregory Fallon, Hawthorne City Treasurer & Resident of Fusion Community

Mr. Guy Hocker, Former Mayor of Hawthorne

Mr. Jason Caraveo, Planning Commissioner, City of Hawthorne

Mr. Pablo Catano, Former Hawthorne City Council Member & Ramona Tract Resident

Mr. Jose Medina, President of the HSD Classified Employees & Ramona Tract Resident

Mr. George Amaya, Teacher & Former President of HSD Certificate Employees/Teachers

Nelson Martinez, Wiseburn School District

Mr. Rick Carver, Resident of Bodger Park

Mrs. Nadia Barrera, Former Youth Commissioner & Ramona Tract Resident

Mr. Alaric Simon, President of Hawthorne Imperial Lions Club & Holly Park Resident

Mrs. Diane Marie Buehler, HollyGlen Resident

Mr. David Lewis, HollyGlen Resident

Dr. Susan Talebian, Professor & Child Development Specialist

Ms. Carol Steinhauser, President of Woman’s Club

Linda Brown, Holly Park Resident

New Frontier Democratic Club 

Ms. Kelsey Lino, El Camino College Board of Trustees 

Danny Juarez, Former Mayor of Hawthorne  

Los Angeles County Federation of Labor -AFL-CIO

 Dr. Paul Jimenez, City Clerk and Resident of HollyGlen

Mr. Nilo Michelin, President of El Camino College Board of Trustees

Don Harris, Commissioner & HollyGlen Resident

Ms. Anjana Kapoor, Teacher & Moneta Gardens Resident

Angie Reyes English, Hawthorne City Council Member

Mr. Ryan Richard, President of Holly Park Neighborhood Association & Planning Commissioner

Roger Bañuelos, Wiseburn School District

Ms. Mary Flett, Teacher & North Hawthorne Resident

Ms. Kristie Corral, Paralegal & Ramona Tract Resident

Mr. Demann Crawford, Customer Designer, Producer, & Photographer

Ms. Dallas Pamela Lopez, Post 314 & Resident

Paul Lowe, Holly Park Resident 

Mr. Shafaq Abdullah, CEO of Panoramick, Inc.

Ms. Angela Robinson Witherspoon, Actress & Director

Ms. Letanya Dorsey, Small Business Consultant, Designer & Resident

Dr. Eugene Krank, Member Hawthorne School District Board

Mr. Luciano Aguilar, VP of Hawthorne School District Board

Mr. Christine Chiappe, President of Hawthorne School District Board

Mr. Vicente Bravo, Hawthorne School District Board

Hawthorne Police officers Association (HPOA)

Hawthorne Municipal Employees Association (HMEA)

On November 8, 2022, Please Re-Elect Councilmember Alex Monteiro

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