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Over the past 4 years, Senate District 35 has faced numerous challenges, particularly during the COVID pandemic. However, we are currently at a crucial juncture of economic development and financial prosperity, as we gear up for two significant global events in our district: the FIFA Soccer World Cup in 2026 and the Olympics in 2028. We must unite with a clear vision to drive progress in our district fairly and inclusively that benefits all communities.

For more than two decades, Mr. Alex Monteiro has resided in Senate District 35, where he has focused on invigorating and strengthening our community through many varying pursuits and endeavors. His journey started in 1994 when he arrived in California and started his career at a Federal Qualified Health Center in Los Angeles. In 1998, he began working at Richstone Family Center in partnership with Hawthorne School District and, Moneta Gardens Improvement, Inc (MGI). In 2003, he became a permanent community member and homeowner in the City of Hawthorne.

Mr. Monteiro holds a Master’s Degree in Education with Counseling at California State University, Dominguez Hills. Throughout his career, he has continually sought to diversify his knowledge, deepen his expertise, and affect his community in various professional fields. Mostly those orbiting education and healthcare. He is a local with his ear to the ground and his pulse on the needs of his community. His understanding of directorships of child-care programs, youth mentoring/counseling, not to mention being an instructor for business and economic development make him a unique leader. He is a man of action founding several nonprofit organizations committed to social change. Many governed through advocacy of homeownership, low-income housing, and universal preschool in our communities. These endeavors of social change have not only been overseen but cultivated and nurtured by Mr. Monteiro. He has left his thumbprint on the community before his tenure politics and plans on growing his reach and impact.

With his diverse background and multi-lingual aptitude and abilities, Mr. Monteiro represents a unique approach to politics. In 2007, he was elected to serve as a board member for the Hawthorne School District, and then, in 2018, he was elected to serve the city as councilman. He has always had an interest in changing politics for the good of the community, but his call to human service took precedence at the beginning of his professional

He views his call to human service not only as a strength but as a necessity vital to representing the diverse needs of the city’s residents. The ability to succeed in many industries and collaborate with various professionals and personalities has given Mr. Monteiro a unique skillset. These acquired skills make him a powerhouse. Proficient, versatile, and capable. He designates efforts to learn the needs of the citizens he serves while also maintaining humility.

He is passionate and leans into the pillar of what he feels is the philosophy of a public servant (The duty to serve the people and advance the community of Senate District 35). Mr. Monteiro believes this can and must be accomplished with integrity and transparency. With all citizens, their dreams, and desires are valued equally. With a proven record of governing as a team and approaching his duties with humility. He is your neighbor, confidant, and voice in the room.

Alex Monteiro is the proven leader that Senate District 35 needs for our future.

Want to get involved and help bring CHANGE to our district? We are looking for volunteers to help spread the word and get more residents out to vote! We welcome volunteers in a variety of areas, whether you have a few hours or a few days to offer. Sign up using the form and a member of our campaign will contact you.

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