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Housing and Community Investment

As Senator, I want to increase home ownership in Senate District 35.  As a district, we can better coordinate our efforts to provide housing stability, increase home-buying incentives for working and middle-class renters and potential residents. We need to make our code enforcement system more responsive, hold absentee landlords accountable, and have better maintenance of their building(s) and vacant lots. If elected, I will continue advocating for the HOME BUYER LOAN HOMEOWNERSHIP house-buying program and work with contractors to rebuild our dilapidating houses, apartment buildings, and help apartment owners revitalize our communities to create smart and affordable housing. Stable and affordable housing is critical in fighting poverty in our community. We also need to invest in helping our homeless community by collaborating with the Los Angeles County Homeless Initiative to create more community engagement, case management, mental health, and permanent housing for unhoused individuals. 
As a passionate advocate for affordable housing and addressing homelessness in Senate District 35, I have achieved numerous accomplishments through my leadership and collaboration with government officials and organizations.
My efforts to secure federal funds have resulted in significant positive changes, such as the refurbishment of low-income apartments and the approval of funds for infrastructure improvement. My work in creating the Joint Power Agreement to acquire the South Bay Millennium Project for medium-income individuals has provided affordable housing and prioritized first responders, police officers, teachers, and military personnel.
In addition, I have been an active member of the SBCCOG Homeless Task Force, collaborating with Los Angeles County and other cities in South Bay to address homelessness in our community. I have advocated for transitional housing for unhoused individuals and played a key role in coordinating the Bridge Housing Project to provide shelter for those in need.
My commitment to economic development and affordable housing has also resulted in significant accomplishments. I have advocated for rental assistance and first-time homebuyer programs, and my work with the Standards Company has brought affordable housing to middle-class workers in Senate District 35 communities, saving renters up to $600 per month.
Overall, my achievements in advocating for affordable housing and addressing homelessness demonstrate my dedication to improving the lives of all members of Senate District 35.

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