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Economic Development

Flourishing communities start with our small businesses, which are the backbone of our economy. I will continue working and meeting with business owners in Senate District 35 to hear their concerns.  We need to give the private sector a platform that makes investing in the district and its people a win-win for all.  As Senator, I will advocate for increasing workforce development through training and livable-paying jobs. Building the wealth of every class will help strengthen the overall economy of the district. We will cut job-killing regulations, introduce business tax relief, streamline business permits, and create innovative public/private partnerships with the sole purpose of making life better for ALL residents and our business community. 
I will eliminate unnecessary barriers to entrepreneurship, business development, and the opportunities to connect people with jobs in our communities.  With my background in small businesses and entrepreneurship, I am an advocate for common-sense economic policies that both benefit the owner and the people.  My goal is to create a hybrid marketplace with innovative technology that benefits both business owners and workers. I will invest in existing and new industries by simplifying the process for businesses and developers to build, establish new businesses, or reinvest existing ones. It is my desire to appeal to private-sector investment by convening a workgroup, designed to bring together business professionals, community, and stakeholders to strategize policies to reinvent Senate District 35. This effort should be strategic so communities that have long been underserved will benefit from an infusion of capital investments. It’s important to make the investment in opportunity zones that can become the anchor to the very communities that begin Senate District 35 renaissance.
I played a key role in bringing the Cannabis Program to Senate District 35 communities, working tirelessly to promote tax incentives and expedite permits for business developers looking to invest in our community. As an advocate for small businesses, I have also been working to secure small business loans and promote Senate District 35 Business Connect Program, which helps entrepreneurs and business owners connect with the resources they need to succeed.
Additionally, I have been advocating for the Store Front Renovations Grant to support local businesses and revitalize our commercial areas. In an effort to enhance Senate district 35 infrastructure and economy, I have also been promoting the renovation and expansion of Senate District 35 Airports.
Medici Kitchen
I have been a strong supporter of the South Bay Airforce Base and Space Force Commander, recognizing the critical role they play in our community and advocating for their needs at the local, state, and federal levels. By supporting our local businesses and critical infrastructure, we can ensure a brighter future for Senate District 35 and its residents.

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